Saturday, September 1, 2012

Something New....

I think I might try something new with my blog and you know, actually use it and crap instead of it just taking up space on the internet.

I am not really doing YouTube right now. I got increasingly frustrated with my inability to gain and keep viewers, make the sorts of videos I wanted, and interact with people. So for the time being, and perhaps permanently, I am no longer making videos. I had pretty much given up on the idea of putting myself out there on the internet. There are just too many other people out there doing beauty/fashion stuff much better than I can to be able to gain any sort of recognition (not that I am looking for internet fame or some shit like that, I just don't see the point in making videos or blogging unless someone is paying attention to it and it is useful to someone, somewhere). I missed it a bit, but I didn't miss the feeling of producing something and then no one paying a bit of attention to it.

Then I had an idea. Or rather, someone else had an idea. One of the doctor's in the office that I work at told me that my clothes were always cute and that they always worked for the office. She told me that I should start a blog. And I thought to myself "Self, why not give that a try." I do have a bunch of cute outfits and I can combine face of the day/nail of the day posts with outfits and do some reviews of my massive makeup collection and maybe, just maybe, it might be helpful to someone.

I will give it a go. Maybe. If anyone reads this, what do you think? Is it worth my time?

x Jessica